Victor Schneider

For Norwood Mayor

I am pleased to announce that I am running for election as the Mayor of the City of Norwood.  I have been involved with local politics for many years.  Of course, the first question that comes to mind is; “why you would do that?”  I come from a family that values public service and we get involved.  From my Grandfather who was an organizer at the local Trailmobile plant to my other Grandfather who was Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff- Mounted search and rescue team member- through other generations that have given their time and talents to the armed forces and always active in civic groups.

So, you ask why would you take on the role as Mayor of the second largest City in Hamilton County?  I have skills that I feel and hope that you agree can be a value to the community.  I was previously certified in both Firefighting and as a Police officer – I have worked in municipal service as well as in executive leadership positions.  I am certified and licensed in Community Management.  I do feel that I am qualified to lead the City of Norwood to a brighter future.

We have a lot to accomplish in our communities all over the country and I would like to be involved in the positive enriching progress that can and will be made.  This country is great because of people that care and people whom will step up and take the time to make a difference.

The question is are you with me?  I need help and support from family and friends as well as those that I meet along the way.  How can you help?  Tell your Norwood Friends-Talk to your neighbors.  Also, very important are prayers, positive thoughts and words as well as your time.


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