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What is the plan for our tax dollars?


Please take the time to review this document discussing the Norwood Republicans plan for our streets.

Funding:  There are 4 Funds which are used for street maintenance and repair in Norwood.  As recommended in the 2017 Republican Street Plan, the City has moved street lighting, payroll, and general maintenance to the General Fund (01).  This leaves money in funds (02) (03) & (05) available for capital street projects.  There is also a statewide increase in gasoline taxes slated for 2020.  The total estimated amounts available for capital street projects each year are,

2019    $1,268,704

2020    $1,222,655

2021    $1,222,845

2022    $1,222,845

2023    $1,222,845

It should be noted that the City ended 2018 with $723,375 in unused street funds which are being used for 2019 projected projects.

Projected funds for street projects through 2023


This download is the 2017 Republican Street Plan-  Norwood_Republican_Street_Plan.pdf

Many ideas in this plan have been adopted by the City but there is still a long way to go.

Our plan includes an ongoing City wide 10 year resurfacing plan plus major replacement capital projects.



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