Matt Geraci


Council at Large


I have lived within the City of Norwood for 36 years, I come from a family that has put its heart and soul into this city, whether it be serving on City Council or the School Board, this city is HOME. I am running for council because I felt it was time for someone like myself who has been in public service, both Firefighter/EMT and Police Officer without interruption since 2006. These 13 years of public safety have allowed me to learn ins and outs of the public environment along with knowing how contracts and departments should work. Throughout my nine years as a police officer, I have had to refer to case law in order to make appropriate decisions and educate members of the public how to interpret a law appropriately. Being able to explain a situation to the public would be an advantage sitting on council.

I am looking to increase revenue being brought in without increasing taxes, one option would be a low-cost reconfiguration of our parks. Underutilized parks could be used for dual purpose. Meaning creating a dog park and charging a small registration fee could reinvigorate a park just by bringing families to them. Dogs are often considered family members, so leaving your family member at home while the rest of the family enjoys play time at the park doesnít seem right. Dog parks are trending at this moment and most parks are a car ride away, we should focus on our residents along with attracting new residents to the area with this type of amenity.

I am also looking to hold utility companies or any other company accountable for damage caused to our roads when they update utilities. The idea is to require lane replacement when trenches are dug that would cause roads to become vulnerable to expansion and contraction which in-turn cause sink holes or potholes.

Last, I want to focus on the Generation. It used to be that families would start here and end here. Norwood thrived on big families that did not want to leave this city. Families that put their blood, sweat and tears into this city just to see it become the best central location to reside in Hamilton County. With various low-cost infrastructure upgrades and some accountability at City Hall we can get back to where we were, a thriving city that takes a punch to the gut but swings back as if it didnít affect us.

Letís Focus on Our Future and make sure the Gem shines again!