After I decided to run for Law Director several people asked what my platform would be.  I thought about that for a long time.  Having a platform going in to this office didn't feel appropriate to me.  This role is about the law and everyone is equal under the law.  Instead I thought about those things that are important to me as a citizen, a mom, and a business owner.

Community.  Communication.  Cooperation.


Norwood is my home.  We own our home.  We own several rental properties.  Our kids go to Norwood schools.  My husband and I have a small business.  We have a personal stake in all the areas of Norwood and I dream of improvement in these areas.  I am willing to invest time and energy to see these dreams come to life.


As an attorney communication is my life.  I have to know how to give information in a way people can understand.  I have to portray accurate timely information.  I have to make sure that information is received.

The citizens of Norwood, my neighbors, need communication from its elected leaders.  They need information they can understand.  They need accurate and timely information.


I have spent years of my career bringing people together.  The best way to get things done is to work together.  This is a cornerstone of being a good attorney.  Learning how to bring people to the table to work together to accomplish goals.

The third "C" ties them all together.  With effective communication and cooperation, and can accomplish anything for our community.  When the various departments, people and elected officials of our City work together they will be successful.

My name is Maria Williams.  I am an attorney in excellent standing who is dedicated to her community, who has great communication skills and experience in bringing parties together in the spirit of cooperation.  I hope to be your next Law Director.

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