Ken Miracle

For President of Council


As a lifelong citizen of Norwood I met my wife as a student at Norwood High School.  It is a rare and wonderful experience to be married to your high school sweetheart for 37 years.

I was elected to the Norwood Board of Education for 12 years, where I served as the three time President as well as chair of the Finance Committee. 

I have also applied my dedication and service to my profession where I have 24 years experience at Monti Incorporated working currently as the corporate purchasing manager.

Managing meetings, developing financial strategies, working with other elected officials, parents and student bodies, are all skills I have developed over my years of experience. 

The President of Council is responsible for conducting of the business of City Council in an orderly manner, a role for which I am well suited. 

The position of Norwood's President of Council is not just one of running meetings, it also bears the responsibility of being a member of the Fiscal Emergency Commission and even serving as acting Mayor when needed.

The City of Norwood is in Fiscal Emergency, the Commission is responsible for our financial over site.  As a member of this body I will utilize the financial experience developed in my professional role and as a member of Norwood School Boards Finance Committee to bring Norwood out of this status and into a financially responsible future.

My managerial and leadership skills will be an asset to Norwood where I will be proud to serve as your next President of Council.