JR Breadon


Council at Large



New Direction, New Ideas,


New Energy!



JR Breadon was born in raised in Norwood and graduated from NHS.  His interest in serving the community goes far beyond his family name.  He wants change for a better, brighter future for Norwood.  His youth and energy give new insight to the City.  His desire to improve parks and recreation services comes from his own experiences of growing up in Norwood. 

The streets in Norwood are a mess.  The City does not have a repaving plan.  Its current plan of major replacement does not take into account the ongoing degradation of all the other streets in the City.  We need real planning for long term solutions.

Our parks have been ignored too long and now major overhauls of our parks and recreation programs are needed.

City Hall seems to be a closed and secretive place.  We need to once again make it a City of the people through better communication and transparency of government.

JR knows this City because he was raised here.  He knows the parks because he has utilized them.  He knows the streets because he has walked and driven through this City his whole life.  JR Breadon knows Norwood because he is part of Norwood.



Streets done right, for today and tomorrow.


Community projects and parks redevelopment.


Aggressive, economic development and city planning.


A Government open and responsive to its citizens.


Remove barriers, build communication.


Foster, facilitate, and work with all citizen action groups.