John Breadon

Candidate for City Council Ward 4


   John Breadon has lived in Norwood for many years and built solid friendships while working for worthy community causes.  You might know John best from his involvement in sports.  As a gifted athlete John has played, managed and coached many sports teams.  He was involved in Norwood High School band as a Band Dad and self proclaimed Band Geek.  He enjoys working with the kids and they enjoy working with him.  John makes it fun.  John was involved with Scouting in Norwood.  John has been a small business owner for many years with a home improvement contracting business.  He understands the challenges to keep a business going strong and keep food on the table for a family.  John worked hard as your Councilman at Large and now is ready to serve our Nieghborhood.  He feels strongly that Norwood needs local representation on Council with a person that has a can do attitude. 

John knows that it cannot just be about public service but also our neighborhoods and communities.  We are not just a city of office buildings but familes and friends.

John worked hard for the City serving as Council at Large.  Now its time to return someone who will work hard to improve our neighborhood. 

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