Hard Work, Common Sense.


Jim and his wife Jen have raised their family in Norwood since moving here in 2000.

Jim has served the community as a volunteer leader in many organizations including Boy Scouts and Knights of Columbus and currently serves on the National Board of Directors of the Society of Emergency Medicine Physician Assistants.

He holds a Master of Science degree from AT Still University and has 25 years experience practicing as a PA in Emergency Medicine.

Jim has twice been honored by the Taft Schueller Award for excellence as an elected official in Hamilton County. 

But, most importantly, 
Jim Stith is Your Norwood Auditor

Since 2008 he has served the citizens as Auditor, the book keeper for the City, responsible for financial reporting,  accounts payable and City payroll where he has been a 3 time recipient of the GFOA's award for Excellence in Financial Reporting.  Jim has Provided transparency of the City of Norwood's finances through his website www.NorwoodAuditor.com and continues to work hard to help the City through difficult financial times. 
Since becoming Auditor Jim Stith has appointed an excellent staff with financial, accounting and technological experience.  This staff is led by the Deputy Auditor, Marcus Patterson who holds a Masters Degree in Accounting.  Together they work hard to create transparency in our financial records providing monthly reports to all department heads and elected officials and making many of these available online.  
                 Keep Responsibility,
                 Keep Professionalism,
                      Keep Transparency,
                           Keep Jim Stith working hard for You!







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