Eric Dinardo

Your Candidate for Norwood Council Ward 2

Im Eric DiNardo, and with your help, I hope to represent Norwoods Ward 2 on City Council. 

       Energizing our city

       Accessible Communication

       Bridging Old & New Norwood


You can expect from me is to continue to Energize Norwood.  I can feel the rumblings of a more engaged community than ever before its happening in back yard cookouts, block parties, and Farmer's Markets.  I want to make it easier than ever for that energy to be met, not with barriers or months of stagnation, but real support.  That means looking beyond the general fund at self-sustaining projects that can stand the test of time and refocusing on grants and alternative funding to make that a reality.   It also means Raising up community leaders that want to change the FIRST IMPRESSION of Norwood.  This energy is real.  And it's right Now.

In both my personal life and professional life as Finance Leader of GEs Military Tanker program, my first step is always to stop and listen.  I spent time with council members, community leaders, and my neighbors & friends to ask what THEY want to see.  I asked what barriers THEY want broken down.  Resoundingly, our citys residents want to be more in the know.


You can also expect me to build easy and fluid communication channels.  With the right rhythms, I want to shorten the distance between my neighbor community initiatives and government.  In line with many other cities, and our own Ward 1, Ive already kicked off Community Council Meetings for Ward 2 (every fourth Thursday at 7pm) which has seen over 35 neighbors connect with leaders to learn, share, and be heard. 


Well be so much more connected when we bridge the gap between Those in the Know and Those who Wish They Were.


 Along with improving the communication In, I promise to be transparent and clear about how information is sent Back Out.  I can simplify how our financial plans, funding priorities, and sounding boards are made known.  I bring the professional experience and ideas to break down what goes on in Council and make it Accessible for everyone.  I can provide Ward 2 with a universal understanding of how our Plans, Contracts, and Fiscals Requirements work so we can know what levers our leaders should be pulling.


I am confident I can be a true partner in bringing the vision of our community leaders into real and encouraging relationships with Council.  That energy will not be lost with me - it's the reason I'm here in the first place.  I know that I can be your voice in this city because I believe in connecting New Norwood  and  Old Norwood, Businesses and Park-goers, X and Y.  And finally, I know I can be a reasonable decision-maker who you can hold accountable because I've spent my entire career breaking down complex problems into clear and defendable solutions.  With your help, we can Move Norwood Forward, and we can do it Right Now!

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Feel free to reach out with your name/email/phone number and well either talk or meet up in person.

Eric DiNardo
(303) 548.6627